Mission Systems for the Polish Border Guard

OPTIMARE signed contract for Patrol and Reconnaissance Equipment for the Polish Border Guard.

OPTIMARE Systems GmbH has signed a contract with JB Investments Sp. Z o.o. to provide modern patrol and reconnaissance equipment for integration into two new L410 UVP E-20 aircraft for the Polish Border Guard.

The mission equipment consists of the following components:

  • OPTIMARE´s MEDUSA® Mission Management System,
  • 360° surveillance radar,
  • EO/IR sensor,
  • broadband SATCOM,
  • AIS transponder,
  • Search & Rescue direction finder.

The contract was preceded by a public procurement tender of the Polish Border Guard in 2018 with several bidders and various aircraft platforms. The integration of the mission equipment will be performed by Aircraft Industries, a.s., Czech Republic. Delivery of the two new maritime patrol aircraft to the Polish Border Guard with installed mission equipment provided by OPTIMARE is scheduled for October 2020.

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