The MWR-P is OPTIMARE’s third generation scanning microwave radiometer for day & night airborne analysis of oil spills in terms of thickness distribution and volume. Two decades of experience in multi-frequency microwave radiometry enabled OPTIMARE to develop a microwave radiometer with roughly one-half in volume and weight compared to its predecessor. The new MWR-P makes airborne pollution analysis possible from a large variety of airborne platforms.

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  • Day & night airborne detection and mapping of hot spots of oil spills
  • Measurement of oil spill thickness in absolute units from 0.05 to 3 millimeters
  • Quantification of oil volume
  • Cloud penetrating capability

Like its predecessor the MWR-P is specifically designed to support emergency response at sea. The sensor is invaluable in terms of oil spill response as the most critical areas of an oil spill are mapped, localized and analysed in terms of spill thickness volume.

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