MEDUSA® heads to Asia

OPTIMARE delivered an airborne Pollution Surveillance Suite (PSS) to Asia.

OPTIMARE Systems GmbH delivered an airborne Pollution Surveillance Suite (PSS) to an undisclosed Asian customer in June 2018. The PSS, which is based on OPTIMARE´s well-proven MEDUSA® airborne mission system, has been integrated as a subsystem into the user's Mission Management System (MMS).

The PSS consists of a

(1)  comprehensive sensor suite including

and a

(2)  Central Command and Control Unit (CCCU)

connecting the sensor suite to the MMS.

The PSS enables the detection, localisation, quantification, classification and identification of maritime pollution. Quantitative analysis of a pollution found at sea is done through the Analysis Software Tool which is an integral part of the MEDUSA® system.

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