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MEDUSA meets India

19 September 2018

OPTIMARE Systems GmbH has successfully delivered and installed an airborne Pollution Surveillance Suite (PSS) to the Ministry of Defense (MOD), India in June 2018.

This Airborne Pollution Surveillance Suite, which is based on OPTIMARE┬┤ s well proven MEDUSA airborne mission system, has been integrated as a sub system into the users Mission Management System (MMS).The PSS consists of a Central Command and Control Unit (CCCU) that connects the sensor suite to the MMS and a comprehensive sensor suite consisting of a Side-Looking-Airborne Radar (SLAR), IRUV Line Scanner, VIS Line Scanner and the most recent version of the Laser Fluorosensor (LFS-P) allowing the detection, localization, quantification, classification and identification of maritime pollution. Quantitative Analysis of a pollution found at sea is provided by the Analysis Software Tool, which is an integrated part of the MEDUSA system.