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14th Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance 2017

29 - 30 November 2017


Dear Valued Partner,

we are glad to inform that OPTIMARE/AERODATA will be participating in the 14th Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance ASIA 2017 to present their unique turnkey solutions for enhanced airborne surveillance.


14th Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance 2017
28 - 29 November  2017
Max Atria @ Singapore EXPO


We also have the pleasure to announce that Mr. Colonel Clinton O`Neill from the Armed Forces of Malta will give a presentation on 28th of November about a “Case Study: Surveillance Operation over the Mediterranian Sea” as part of the main conference program. In his presentation, he will report about more than 5 years of the experience in the operation of Aerodata´s turnkey Maritime Patrol Aircraft over Mediterranean waters.


If you have further questions and/or if you would like to arrange a meeting at the event please contact us at