Support on scientific equipment

Polar2 before start of a scientific mission in Longyearbyen/Spitzbergen (Campaign ASTAR2007).
Preparation of polar5 at first use in Antarctic at the regional airport Bremerhaven Luneort.

OPTIMARE maintains and develops technical-scientific equipment for the research aircraft Polar5 of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI). The data acquisition system onboard the aircraft is based on OPTIMARE‘s sensor network MEDUSA-P. All data recorded by MEDUSA-P are time-referenced and stored in a central database. This guarantees a simultaneous time base of the data. The deployment of the system takes place under extreme environmental conditions – at temperatures down to -40 °C and at flight altitudes up to 7000 meters in a non-pressurized cabin, as well as involving takeoff and landing on bumpy ice runways.

The development of components for scientific equipment onboard polar aircraft is a challenging task for engineers, technicians and scientists. The developed procedures and components can then also be deployed operationally in other regions – a genuine profit of know-how.