OPTIMARE SpillWatch!®

Automated non-contact oil spill detection and alarm



  • Real-time around-the-clock detection and control of oil spills for
    •     Petrochemical industry, pipelines
    •     Power plants
    •     Harbors
    •     Desalination, intake protection
    •     Aquaculture
  • Fresh, brackish or saltwater environments
  • Highly effective LED-based excitation
  • Cost effective, low maintenance
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Flexible configuration of  data output
  • Multiple interfaces network connectivity
  • Ruggedized design (IP66)



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For purchasing SpillWatch feel free to contact OPTIMARE directly at info(at)optimare.de. 

In some countries SpillWatch can be purchased through authorized resellers:


France, Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia

4, Avenue des Indes 91969
Courtaboeuf Cedex

Phone: +33 (0) 1 69 07 20 48
Email: sales(at)nereides.fr



Sea Surveillance AS
Laksevågneset 12
5160 Laksevåg
Phone: +47 55 13 65 00
Email: info(at)seasurv.net



Unit NO. 10, Building NO. 33, Nategh Noori St, Pasdaran St
Tehran, Iran
Postal Code: 1947846164
Phone: +982122885207
: info(at)babenviro.com


Additionally, in some countries we have local partners for sales support who may get in touch with you.