Marine Systems

The activities of the Marine Systems Division at OPTIMARE are mainly focused on the acquisition and preliminary processing of physical and bio-optical data. OPTIMARE develops and sells customized instruments for special tasks. The company also produces state-of-the-art and competitive instruments as well as systems for coastal and marine monitoring.


OPTIMARE has developed the Navigating European Marine Observer (NEMO)-Float for the research programme ARGO ( NEMO has been further developed on the basis of the SOLO-Float. NEMO ascends from a depth of up to 2000 meters in regular intervals to the surface and transmits the collected data via the ARGOS satellite system. The NEMO-Float has been further improved to allow the deployment under ice, positioning through GPS and RAFOS, as well as the integration of new sensors and telemetries.


Recovery of oceanographic data from moored sensors normally requires operation of large research vessels. PopUp-buoys serve as data capsules; they can receive and store data from moored sensors via wireless IrDA data transfer. After a given time or a specific command, the PopUps are individually released from the sensor-PopUp array to ascend to the sea surface from where data are transferred via Iridium communication to a receiving station.