VIS Line Scanner

Airborne VIS Line Scanner image showing a plume of fluorescent dye carried along by freshwater exiting a tidal outlet.


  • Airborne Remote Sensing in the
    visible wavelength range
  • Detection of features on the sea surface
    such as oil spills, chemical plumes and
    biogenic slicks
  • Acquisition of highly resolved geo-referenced RGB composite images
  • Documentation of the oil spill scene


Visible remote sensing
of marine pollution using the VIS Line Scanner

VIS line scanners have been established as auxiliary tools for various airborne remote sensing applications, like for example airborne maritime surveillance. OPTIMARE‘s VIS Line Scanner is a ruggedized, lightweight remote sensor for earth observation at visible wavelengths.

In maritime surveillance, the system is used for acquisition of highly resolved geo-referenced Red/Green/Blue composite images. These images can be used for documentation and for more exact volume estimations based on oil appearance codes.

VIS Line Scanner