Ultra-compact imaging airborne microwave radiometer for day & night oil spill analysis


  • Day & night airborne detection and mapping of hot spots of oil spills
  • Airborne measurement of oil spill thickness in the range from 0.05 to 3 millimeters
  • Quantification of oil volume
  • Cloud penetrating capability
  • Support of oil spill response actions

The ultra-compact MWR-P is OPTIMARE’s third generation microwave radiometer for day & night airborne analysis of oil spills in terms of thickness distribution and volume.

Two decades of experience in microwave radiometry enabled OPTIMARE to develop a microwave radiometer with roughly one-half in volume and weight compared to its predecessor. The new MWR-P makes airborne pollution analysis possible from a huge variety of airborne platforms. The MWR-P has a built-in interface to OPTIMARE’s airborne maritime surveillance system MEDUSA.