Spanish maritime surveillance aircraft of Casa CN-235 type equipped with OPTIMARE’s MEDUSA system as a subsystem of the EADS FITS system (Photograph courtesy of AIRBUS MILITARY).

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Advanced Data Acquisition and Processing for Airborne Maritime Surveillance



  • Airborne maritime surveillance
  • Airborne oil spill monitoring
  • EEZ protection
  • Border patrol
  • Fishery patrol
  • Hydrographic monitoring


  • Mission planning
  • Real-time display of sensor data
  • Immediate post-overflight analysis
  • Support of any remote sensor
  • Classification of marine pollution
  • Automated scene analysis
  • Computer-aided report creation
  • Geo-referencing and GIS capability
  • In-flight and ground processing
  • Display of electronic charts
  • Redundant storage
  • AIS support

The MEDUSA System allows robust acquisition, real-time display as well as immediate post-overflight processing of remote sensing data. Post-overflight processing includes automated image analysis, pollution classification and GIS export.


The optimum operation of an airborne maritime surveillance system is more demanding than ever – requiring enhanced real-time data acquisition and software solutions.

The MEDUSA System integrates multiple remote sensors and mission system components into one user-friendly, network-based data acquisition and processing framework.

The entire MEDUSA System roughly comprises the following structural components:

  • MEDUSA network
  • MEDUSA sensors
  • MEDUSA Software Suite


MEDUSA can be either operated stand-alone or as a surveillance subsystem of an integrated mission system via a customizable interface.