IR/UV Line Scanner

Example of IR/UV data of an oil spill.

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  • Detection of highly reflective features
    on the sea surface such as oil spills and
    biogenic surface films
  • Highly resolved mapping of very thin and
    thick oil layers on the water surface
  • Basic sensor for automatic creation of thematic maps of the oil spill scene
    (automated scene analysis)
  • Imaging remote sensor for thermal mapping applications


Passive IR/UV remote sensing
of marine pollution using the IR/UVLS

IR/UV line scanners have been established as standard tools in airborne oil spill remote sensing. They are capable of simultaneously mapping the total extent of the oil spill (layer thickness > 0.01 micron) as well as areas of intermediate (2 to 70 micron) and large oil layer thickness (> 50 micron).

OPTIMARE developed a ruggedized, lightweight and modular IR/UV line scanner for airborne maritime surveillance. OPTIMARE‘s IR/UV Line Scanner is characterized by a unique optical design, an excellent maintainability and a broad operating temperature range.

IR/UV Control Unit
IR/UV Scan Head